Jose Laurel

"... our people will rise as one to meet the challenge."

Jose P. Laurel was born in Tanawan, Batangas on March 9, 1891. His parents were Sotero Laurel and Jacoba Garcia. He was elected to the Philippine Senate in 1925 and was appointed Associate Justice of the Supreme Court in 1936.

He served the Japanese authorities during the war and criticized the American rule in the Philippines. The Japanese rewarded him with different high positions in government and was offered to head the puppet government. Laurel assumed the presidency of the Republic on October 14, 1943. This Japanese sponsored 2nd Republic saw the hoisting of the Philippine Flag and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem which were previously banned by the Japanese invaders.

After Japan's surrender to the Americans on August 15, 1945, President Laurel finally dissolved the "Republic of the Philippines" and was brought to Japan. Lt. Col. Turner upon orders of Gen. MacArthur saw to his arrest and was jailed in Sugano Prison, Tokyo and charged with 132 counts of treason wthout a trial. He was granted full amnesty in 1948. He was married to Pacencia Hidalgo and had nine children.
President Jose Laurel
Born: March 9, 1891
Died: November 6, 1959
President of the Japanese Sponsored 2nd Republic
(Term: October 14, 1943 - August 15, 1945)
Vice Presidents: Benigno Aquino Sr.
and Ramon Avancena
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