Manuel Roxas

"Our noble aspirations for nationhood, long cherished and ardously contended for by our people, will be realised."

Manuel Roxas was born in Capiz, Capiz on January 1, 1892. His parents were Gerardo Roxas Sr. and Rosario Acuña and had Spanish, Mexican and Chinese blood. He was the Speaker of the House of Representatives and defeated President Sergio Osmeña in the April 23, 1946 elections. He was sworn in as the 3rd President of the Philippine Commonwealth on May 28, 1946.

On July 4, 1946, Roxas sat as the first president of the 3rd Republic of the Philippines. His presidency began the task of solving the country's postwar problems. He adopted a pro-American and anti-communist foreign policy owing to the massive economic and military assistance extended by the United States. He achieved the ratification of the Bell Trade Act, the inclusion of the Parity Amendment in the Constitution and the signing of the 1947 Military Bases Agreement. Graft and corruption along with police and military abuses riddled his administration which caused great distrust with the people and contributed to the existing problems of the left-wing Huks in the countryside which he was not able to contain.

He died after a fatal heart attack on April 15, 1948 while delivering a speech at the U.S. Air Force Base at Clark Field, Angeles City, Pampanga. He was married to Doña Trinidad de Leon and had two children, Ma. Rosario and Gerardo.
President Manuel Roxas
Born: January 1, 1892
Died: April 15, 1948
3rd and last President of the Commonwealth
(Term: May 28, 1946 - July 4, 1946)
First President of the Third Republic of the Philippines
(Term: July 4, 1946 - April 15, 1948)
Vice President: Elpidio Quirino
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