Fidel Ramos

"This is the challenge to our leadership today: that we cast away the old politics that divides us and work together instead for the common good and the national welfare."

Fidel V. Ramos was born in Lingayen, Pangasinan to Narciso Ramos and Angela Valdez. A soldier by profession and a hero in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, Ramos rose to the military hierarchy being a distant cousin of President Ferdinand Marcos. He was the Chief of the Philippine Constabulary during Martial Law.

Ramos served the military for 41 years but bolted away from Marcos in a 1986 coup together with Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile and with the support of Manila's Jaime Cardinal Sin. After the EDSA Revolution, President Aquino designated him Secretary of National Defense where he successfully crushed six coup attempts against the Aquino presidency. On June 30, 1992 with the support of President Aquino, he assumed the presidency. His presidency saw a period of political and economic stability. It accomplished the peaceful solution of the MNLF war in Mindanao and neutralized the CPP-NPA. There were no coup de etats, and the country became Asia's newest economic tiger. Ramos is married to Amelita Martinez and have five children - Angelina Jones, Josephine Samartino, Carolina Sembrano, Christine Jalasco, and Gloria. 
President Fidel Ramos
Born: March 18, 1928
2nd President of the Fifth Republic of the Philippines
(Term: June 30, 1992 - June 30, 1998)
Vice President: Joseph Estrada
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