Ramon Magsaysay

"My concept of service is honesty and sincerity of purpose; action with results, not speeches with big words."

Ramon Magsaysay was sworn into office on December 30, 1953. He loved to wear the Barong Tagalong and dignified it. Magsaysay was born to Exequiel Magsaysay and Perfecta del Fierro in Iba, Zambales. He was hailed as the "Savior of Democracy" for his persistence and dedication in saving the country from the threats of the communist Hukbalahap Movement (Huks). He was married to Luz Banzon and had three children, Teresita, Milagros and Ramon.

Magsaysay was a guerrilla leader during the war and was appointed as military governor of Zambales by General MacArthur. He served two terms as a Liberal party congressman and was appointed Secretary of National Defense by President Quirino. He was critical of the Quirino administration and accused the president of incompetence and corruption. Backed by the Nacionalista Party, Magsaysay defeated Quirino and became president. The Magsaysay presidency worked for the common people. He broke down large estates and acquired land settlements for the people and protected the tenants through the Agricultural Tenancy Act of 1954. His presidency ended the Huk threat with the surrender of its leader Luis Taruc. President Ramon Magsaysay was one if not the best presidents the Philippines has ever produced. He died on March 17, 1957 when his plane, Mt. Pinatubo crashed in Mt. Manunggal in Cebu. Magsaysay's popularity and record of incorruptibility remained till his death.
President Ramon Magsaysay
Born: August 31, 1907
Died: March 17, 1957
3rd President of the Third Republic of the Philippines
(Term: December 30, 1953 - March 17, 1957)
Vice President: Carlos Garcia
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