Sergio Osmeña

"What good will independence do to us if we will not be able to maintain that independence to provide people peace, happiness and prosperity they so well deserve."

Sergio Osmeña Sr. was the founder of the Partido Nacionalista and was the second president of the Philippine Commonwealth.

Born in Cebu City on September 9, 1878, he was raised by his mother Juana Osmeña Y Suico. He was a delegate to the Philippine Assembly and became the Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1916. He assumed the presidency in 1944 after the death of President Manuel Quezon and sat as president until 1946.

On August 8, 1944, President Osmeña issued Executive Order 15-W which reorganized and consolidated the Executive Departments of the Commonwealth government. Executive Order No. 27 issued on February 27, 1945 reorganized the government after it was reestablished on Philippine soil. He returned home to Cebu after his defeat to Manuel Roxas in the 1946 elections. President Sergio Osmeña Sr. died at the age of 83 on October 19, 1961. He was married to Esperanza Limjap.
President Sergio Osmeña
Born: September 9, 1878
Died: October 19, 1961)
Second President of the Commonwealth
(Term: August 1, 1944 - May 27, 1946)
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